With COVID 19 sweeping the nation, the Oakland Community Front Line Healers recognize that Sheltering in Place with adequate food and support is a privilege that many in our Black and Brown communities cannot afford on their own.


Before the Covid 19 crisis hit, the Black and Brown communities we represent and serve were already in dire need of support. 

This crisis has made that need much greater especially as the unequal and unjust structures that make our communities vulnerable are now made even more obvious.  

“ When America catches a cold, Black America catches pneumonia” 

New CDC data shows that a disproportionate number of Black Americans are being hospitalized with COVID-19, 

Pre-existing socio-economic challenges, lack of healthcare access, and underlying health issues put African Americans at great risk.

Misinformation and distrust are making COVID-19 more dangerous for Black America.

Black Owned Business are facing increased safety and economic risk from COVID 19.


As credible messengers that both look like and hold relationships in these hard to reach communities, the Oakland Community Front Line Healers have banded together to ensure Oakland’s Flatland communities make it through this crisis and the subsequent recovery intact and stronger than ever. We are committed to taking our advocacy to all levels of government and before private donors with the goal of upending the structural barriers harming our people. 

With 20+ organizations in our alliance and 150+ volunteers and staff in the field, we provide a holistic suite of services designed to protect and support our community in the areas of:

  • Housing Insecurity and Homelessness
  • Food Insecurity
  • Economic Insecurity
  • Violence Prevention
  • Support for Youth
  • Returning from Incarceration
  • Access to Testing and Medical Services
  • Outreach and Education
  • Support for Local Businesses
  • Support for Service Providers

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